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Customer Inspired (Athletic) Growth

The notion of “Customer Inspired” does not apply just to businesses and brands…we’re seeing it pop up in unlikely places such as sports team lineups and fitness class broadcasts. Read on to learn about some adaptations of customer inspiration, all working towards improving the customer experience by allowing anyone to get involved, regardless of where in the world they live.

An English Soccer Club Turns Fantasy Sports into RealityNew York Times

United London F.C. has no coach and no true manager. Instead of following a traditional team structure, the soccer team leaves their game day decisions up to their fans…all 2,000+ of them.

“Each week, those fans vote on United London’s starting lineup by reviewing player statistics, scouting reports and videos of previous weeks’ matches posted online by the club. After voting closes each Friday, the squad for Saturday’s match is announced.

“I think it’s cool because it keeps the club’s supporters involved,” said John Frusciante, a 19-year-old from Aberdeen, N.J., who recently signed up. “The fans have more input than, say, at Real Madrid. Zidane isn’t going to ask you if Ronaldo should be starting or not” — as in Coach Zinedine Zidane and striker Cristiano Ronaldo.”

Allowing fans to vote on the starting line-up has both allowed the team to expand their fan base beyond the local area, as well as ensure that their fans feel invested in and involved with the team.

Spin Class Full? Feel the Burn from your Living RoomNew York Times

“Boutique fitness, frequently represented by small companies that focus on one type of workout, is the fastest growing segment of the fitness industry. But it has its limitations — namely location, price and class availability.”

A couple studios broke these limitations, by allowing consumers to join the classes they love from the comfort of their own homes. A small handful of boutique studios like Peloton are beginning to offer broadcasted classes, where fellow members can tune in using tablets mounted to their bikes:

“On a recent weekday morning, Alex Toussaint, a cycling instructor at Peloton, welcomed people to his ’90s hip-hop spin class — 50 who were right in front of him, and more than 200 riders who had tuned in from around the country. Peloton’s sleek space may look like one of many boutique cycling studios around Manhattan, but it also functions as a film studio, broadcasting to thousands of riders who watch classes from tablets mounted to their Peloton bikes.”

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