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Dancing with the CRM Stars

Dear CRM Magazine,

Wow! Communispace is so excited that you have given us a CRM Service Rising Star Award, thank you! We are really proud of what we provide for our wonderful clients. The Communispace “two-step” of our services is no easy feat.

We are thrilled to be CDW’s “dance partner” and also a partner to our many other clients who are striving to deeply understand their customers. It’s true that our emphasis on a continuous discovery process, going beyond simple feedback, helps our clients grow their business. It leads to better marketing, improved product development processes, and a company that’s truly customer-centric.

CRM guru Denis Pombriant’s comments make us want to twist and shout—we’ve worked hard to create a solution that gives our clients new insights while not leaving “community-building to chance.”

You think our two-step is impressive? Just wait til you see us cha-cha…

We really appreciate the recognition, thank you!

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