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Data vs. Insight: Make Meaning from What Matters

Thanks to the great folks at Dachis Group  for inviting me to guest blog on their Collaboratory. They are doing terrific things for companies interested utilizing social business design to reinvent themselves. Thought maybe Verbatim readers would also enjoy the topic…

There’s too much data. Way too much, and it’s not helpful. There, I said it.

Social media monitoring, web analytics, quantitative market research, trackers, clickthroughs and opens… your ecosystem produces a firehose of data, but not a whole lot of meaning.

How about some insight instead? Insight – what we’re really after – can create new businesses, grow existing ones, solve problems, tell stories and deliver real value to your organization. Businesses today are drowning in data and missing real insight. But they don’t have to. The same forces that are converging to bombard us with more data are the same ones that will help us. Customers today want to participate with businesses and brands more than ever before, which creates a real opportunity to use that connection for insight.

It’s great that your customers can give you feedback on products using the ratings and reviews, and being alerted to their dissatisfaction on Twitter is important. But what if I told you that you’re missing the heart of what really matters to your customers? CRM expert Denis Pombriant calls this “CSI approach ” to customer intelligence badly reactionary, and he’s right. How powerful would it be to truly understand your customers in a way that allows you to be relevant to them, right out of the gate?

To read the rest of this post head over to the Dachis Group blog.

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