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Delivering B-to-B Customer Experience Success

You’re the manager of a busy restaurant. What do you do when the food and supplies you ordered aren’t delivered on time? Or, worse yet, when some of your order doesn’t arrive at all? It’s a recipe for stress, frustration, last-minute scrambling, and plenty of bad feelings directed at the supplier. And it’s enough to make you think about taking your business elsewhere.

Sysco, America’s largest foodservice supplier and distributor, had the data showing this customer experience problem and a solution in the works to fix it. But, it took a partnership with a community of foodservice operators throughout the US to put the data in human context and bring it to life.

Operators shared personal accounts of what happens before, during, and after a delivery, and they told Sysco what their ideal delivery experience would look like. Operators made it clear that, in order to manage their business effectively, they needed straightforward, accurate communications about when their delivery truck would show up and what, exactly, would be on it.

The result of this work together is My Sysco Truck, an easy-to-understand communication system, inspired by customers, that streamlines and elevates the entire delivery experience. Internally at Sysco, this initiative has led employees to rally around the customer, leading to greater agility, stronger internal alignment, and more enabled front-line associates and delivery drivers. But, above all, more than 90% of customers who use My Sysco Truck today say it has had a positive effect on their business.

And that’s a recipe for success.

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