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Digital Collaboration Lab 2013: Golden Rules of Co-Creation

On May 2nd, Promise Communispace hosted the 2013 Digital Collaboration Lab. The yearly event brings together innovators, marketers, researchers, digital experts, psychologists and problem solvers for half a day to talk digital co-creation. The objective: to learn, solve and develop.

This year’s event was a big success, with a fantastic guest list and outstanding speakers. Our clients, Alex Chruszcz of Asda, Thom Stebbings of Virgin Enterprise, Ashwin Malhotra of Diageo and Benedicte Denieul of Sanofi Aventis took the floor to share their community tales, their golden rules, their successes and the big questions – that, with our help – they’re trying to answer. The presentations were witty, challenging and, above all, informative.  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them again for their hard work and participation.

Run by Managing Director of Europe, Sally O’Rourke and Consultancy Director, Dr. Nick Coates, the event boasted a panel of several of our brilliant consultants, on hand to answer those burning questions and provide insight into “a day in the life” of a community.

The Lab is a great opportunity for those considering a co-creative community for the first time, and for those wanting to hear about innovative approaches. What’s better still is the opportunity to hear from our current clients on the approaches they’ve taken and the issues they’ve tackled, showcasing the remarkable possibilities of a community.

But what are some of the golden rules of co-creation?

  1. Be clear about your objective. Identify what impact/outcome you want to achieve. Each project should be clearly defined.
  2. Create ownership. To ensure productive results, it’s important that the process is guided by the moderator(s).
  3. Be realistic. Although co-creation can be applied to a vast array of challenges, it is imperative to manage expectations and to be selective of the questions/areas you want to address, so as to manage time effectively and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.
  4. Bring the consumer into the business. Criticism is hard to take; yet, in opening your doors to your consumers you will have a greater level of feedback and suggestions.
  5. Bring passion and professionalism. Insist on passionate engagement from a committed consultant(s), with meaningful probing to unearth ideas and understand motivations. Remember that you’re talking to people.

Co-creation has changed the market entirely in recent times. It has not only altered the ways in which consumers are perceived but also how they regard themselves. Consumers are really beginning to understand their power; as such, they expect to be consulted. Communities are a great way to get quick, insightful and powerful responses from your market, whilst having a dedicated team and a structured approach to tease out the very best material.


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