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Doggerel for Daunting Days

When faced with a constipated Congress, evidence of corporate cover-ups, and the salacious spectacle that passes for news, sometimes the only choice is to laugh rather than cry, and to find meaning in art rather than commerce.

In that spirit, I offer a few modest literary observations on current events, employing two poetic forms: the elegant haiku and the sublime limerick.

A once-loved brand called Toyota
Has met its embarrassment quota
They turned their back on their base
Now their egg-covered face
Appeases loyal fans not one iota

Tiger’s remorse and
video confessional —
chick sports? I think not.

Sarah Palin’s wrath went awry
Lashing out at the crude “Family Guy”
Queen anti-hopey-changey
Appeared quite derangey
Since Fox keeps them both riding high

If pole dancing’s the next Olympic sport
The IOC faces risk of a tort
Should the dancers be girls?
Or can boys show their twirls?
Indoor rink? Or beach volleyball court?

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