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Embracing the Human Element of the Olympics

The opening ceremonies for the 2016 Summer Olympics begin tonight, but we all know it’s not necessarily about the medals; it’s about the people who compete for them. Every two years, the world rallies around their Olympic teams and athletes, demonstrating a comradery rarely seen otherwise. It’s this comradery that is the focus of this year’s Olympics – from creating the first ever refugee team, allowing those at home to experience the games like never before, and accepting that our differences are what makes us the same.

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The people in Rio.

The real Incredibles: First ever Olympics refugee team and the most inspiring story you’ll read todayMirror

For the first time in history, this year’s Olympics will see a refugee team competing. This team is made up of those who have fled their homes, but still wish to compete on the Olympic stage. Check out this article to learn more about these courageous athletes – their backgrounds, their passions, and their road to Rio.

The people at home.

Some Rio Olympics events will be broadcast in virtual realityThe Verge

This year, Samsung is allowing those at home to get closer than ever before to the people at the games. By streaming select Olympic ceremonies and events in virtual reality through their Gear VR, Samsung is changing the way, we, at home, interact with those at the games.

The brands tying it all together.

Apple releases “The Human Family” ad in time for the OlympicsThe Washington Post

Building on this spirit of comradery and focus on the people, Apple is unleashing an ad during the opening ceremony celebrating just that. The gist of the ad and the beauty of the Olympics? There are so many things that make us different, but “we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike.”

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