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Engaging BRIC Consumers Online for Market Research (Webinar)

BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) are evolving at a fast and furious pace, transforming the digital landscape. In fact, BRIC consumers are taking the lead when it comes to using the social web: their behavior is more diverse and also more mobile than peoples’ from westernized countries; they are more likely to blog and to maintain social network profiles, and thus share content on the Web; and they represent the greatest potential for growth, as Internet penetration is still below 50% in all four countries.

It is essential, then, that global companies have a reliable, effective, and ongoing means of understanding and engaging customers online in developing countries to further market research objectives. To that end, we have just released our most recent research report, Building Engagement in Online Communities BRIC by BRIC, available on our website, which explains how to create engaging online formats for global community members. In this multinational study, we:

  • Describe differences in engagement, conversation topic, and contribution by country
  • Reveal why expertly-managed market research online communities (MROCs) are a powerful way to get into the mindset of BRIC consumers
  • Explore those conditions that lead to the greatest vibrancy and quality in multinational communities using case examples
  • Identify best practices for recruiting and engaging online community members

My co-author, Katrina Lerman, and I presented key findings from this research via webinar, which is available for viewing below. Watch and learn as you please; and feel free to reach out to us to continue the conversation!

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