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Everything You Need to Know about Social Media You Learned in Kindergarten

I’m no social media expert, far from it in fact. I blog now and then, I’ve been a community manager for several years, I share pictures, and I like to tweet (@drkleiman) once in awhile. However, a few days ago while talking to someone who wanted some advice about participating in online communities and social networks, a funny thing happened. As I listened to the advice I was giving, it reminded me of that Robert Fulghum poem, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten.

If you think about it, it’s really that simple, the rules of engaging online are basic, human goodness even a 6-year-old can understand. Most of what you really need to know about social media, whether you are an individual or a major brand, you learned in kindergarten.

Here are few examples:

  1. Share – make sure what you do online using social media is worth sharing or at least not wasted space. It is after all called social media for a reason. You should try to provide value to your followers and make sure your participation in a community is adding something to the overall experience.
  2. Remember the Golden Rule – treat people how you want to be treated. Be nice, don’t yell, use your manners, have fun, and make friends.
  3. Be curious – Try some new things and be open to being clueless. Our CEO, Diane Hessan(@CommunispaceCEO) got on Twitter to try an experiment and poke around—she’s learned a lot from it and in turn has become a source of great information to her over 8,000 followers.
  4. Be a good sport – We all make mistakes, if you make one, own up to it—say you’re sorry. People will forgive you and may even respect you more for your honesty and good humor.
  5. Listen – You’ll be amazed what you hear. There’s a ton to learn using social media if you stop shouting and just listen.

Ok, so my personal favorite, compliments of my own 6-year-old is “take naps” however in this case it doesn’t relate. Or does it?

What are some others?

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