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Experience Is Everything

How can brands connect with their consumers in the most effective, least disruptive way? The answer is in the experience.

Why The Future of Digital Is About Aligning With Experiences, AdWeek

Gone are the days of push marketing. In a world filled with content left and right, consumers want to be communicated to in a way that feels natural. And, just like with food, marketing that is more natural usually results in a healthier outcome.

“Across the board, digital media is shifting to a model where successful advertisers are those that deliver their message in a way that feels natural and organic to the user experience.”

Rather than disrupting the audience, brands should aim to join them relative to their daily experiences. The sky’s the limit with the variety of media sources at our fingertips these days.

“For example, a fast-food chain can target a user listening to a morning ‘rise and grind’ playlist with an ad suggesting they stop by a location they’re traveling past for a free coffee.”

Why Experiential Is the Heart of Branding Brands Need to Create a Human Connection with Consumers, AdAge

Not only does this article make your mouth water for a Pillsbury cinnamon roll, but it also points out how brands’ messages can be interpreted very differently depending on the consumer’s experience.

“Even the most carefully crafted and well-stewarded brand imagery is completely meaningless without experience. And so, even the beloved Pillsbury Doughboy communicates nothing unless mom used to make Pillsbury crescent rolls for Thanksgiving dinner.”

Creative and eye-catching ads are no longer enough, and cannot be the starting point anymore. We must think of consumers (and their experiences) at the very beginning of the process in order to create something worthwhile.

“Essentially, leading with the ad concept often ignores a crucial step of the branding process, which is to craft personal, shareable experiences with our products that nurture and grow lasting affection for our brand.”


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