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Finding Patient-Centricity in Patient Creativity

A person’s health is a highly personal matter.

Which is why it is so remarkable to consider that, every day, thousands of people in our patient communities candidly share their healthcare stories – with us and with the companies and stakeholders involved in their care.

People on journeys like Glo’s.

Glo has a resolute determination never to fall victim to the confines Parkinson’s disease has placed on her body. She’s resilient. She rises to the challenge of her condition head-on, living each day to the fullest. Of course there are tears and struggles (she’s human, after all), but Glo choses to adapt – never surrender – to her disease.

Glo draws strength from creativity, that precious outlet of self-expression and discovery. “There is nothing like creative activity to keep my juices flowing, my courage high, and my joys bountiful,” she concludes.

For companies, too, tapping into creativity is an astounding innovation resource. For example, individuals in our patient communities have written and shared heartfelt letters to their disease that resonate across entire organizations. They’ve offered photos and videos of their artwork – paintings, drawings, sketches, quilts – and submitted detailed journal entries describing their daily highs, lows, and every emotion in between. Patients who’ve shared these personal narratives have inspired the companies that serve them to launch and market new products with resonance and develop the right support materials they need to improve treatment outcomes.

Accessing creativity gives a clear view into the hearts and minds of patients as they navigate their personal healthcare journeys. For partners in the ecosystem of patient care – pharmaceutical companies, HMOs, PPOs, pharmacies, doctors, nurses, device manufacturers, health insurers – creativity has the power to inspire better, more patient-centric decisions. And that leads to healthier outcomes for us all.

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