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Follow the (Thought) Leader

“Thought leader” is a moniker that’s applied all too loosely these days (e.g. “Ryan Seacrest is a thought leader in the Text-to-Vote space.”) But sometimes it’s applied to someone like Leonard Murphy, who is the real deal.

I first heard Lenny speak at the exceptionally well-designed Market Research in the Mobile World conference that he co-sponsored with the Merlien Institute and led last summer in Atlanta. He was like Katie Couric or Charlie Rose at their best, able to ask a really penetrating question—more than once if necessary—while maintaining a cordial and safe environment for discussion. I was then lucky enough to hear him again at the NetGain conference in Toronto sponsored by the MRIA. Besides previewing the results of the latest Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) research, Lenny talked about how his own experience as the founder and CEO of a company that ultimately fell victim to the recession helped him understand just how important it was to understand his customers—not just for the health of the top line, but for the wellbeing of the employees who’d hitched their wagon to his. His comments were brave, passionate, and dead-on.

Thus I’m honored to have been recently interviewed by Lenny for his GreenBook blog. Regardless of what you think of my answers, trust me—his questions are great! Happy reading.

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