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For Insurance, Relationships Can Mend the Broken Experience

Trying to get insurance for my mom is proving to be the most annoying experience of my life!

it’s really a shame that Kafka didn’t live long enough to experience a health insurance phone tree.

Why, yes. I do love coming home after a terrible day and then getting nothing figured out with my insurance company. I want to die.

Like @MissBrneyes, @ecormany, or @MizzElissa, you’ve probably had a frustrating insurance experience at some point in your life. Whether you’ve filed a claim and gotten nowhere, tried to make sense of what insurance options are best for you, or endured hours on the phone with customer service, these experiences can add up and leave a bad taste in your mouth about the entire insurance industry.

Clearly, things need to change. And that change starts with customers themselves.

Everything — from product and service development and refinement, to marketing messaging, to improving call centers, websites, and forms, to business strategy, to drafting innovation roadmaps — depends on a close relationship and collaboration with customers. That’s change insurance customers will get behind.

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