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“New-Hire Cam”: A Fresh Perspective on Communispace

Sometimes a “sincere step back” might be needed by even our most senior employees as new hires remind us all just how great it is to be part of Communispace.

Communispace is lauded far and wide as a company that places significant value on employee happiness and work-life balance. Still, like all other corporations, Communispace operates according to a bottom line, client satisfaction and account renewals. Sometimes, amidst all the rush and fuss associated with day-to-day deliverables, it’s easy to lose sight of the larger picture—why we’re all here at Communispace in the first place.

As a newly-minted Associate Community Manager recently added to the “pot,” it’s easy for me to see how lucky I am to be a part of it all. Intelligent faces everywhere I look. Genuinely friendly, smiling co-workers in the hallways—all of whom have very interesting things to say and who will stop to engage in a conversation willingly any time I aim a smile their way. A smart yet casual dress code. A culture that encourages sharp thinking and big ideas, rather than stuffy meetings and even more stupefying dry-cleaning bills.

But far more important than Communispace’s swanky Boston office or the smorgasbord of free coffee in our lovingly named Fenway cafeteria is the true heart of it all—the real reason we’re all at Communispace. It’s because of the work we do here. The incredibly satisfying, preconceived-notions-busting, engaging work we get to dig into with our hands, hearts and minds on behalf of some of the best and brightest clients around.

Hopefully this is sounding vaguely familiar, right? If you need a little refresher, feel free to check out some of the fantastic work from CSpacers here.

Speaking with real people about real issues they care deeply about. Spending our days working with talented internal and client teams who are curious and passionate about the world—and who want to teach us all about it, too. Uncovering truly astonishing insights—which might change the way things are done, forever.

As a brand-spankin’ new ACM, I’ve realized something already. Programming your hundredth announcement into our new Catalyst software platform isn’t a chore. Book editors don’t view the tenth page’s edits as boring and the first page’s edits as fun. The behind-the-scenes work we do here in the office is all part of one riveting story. Every communication crafted is an opportunity to reach real people—in a way that may prove very important to them, indeed. Every task we do here—and every activity we engage our community members with—is part of a far, far larger story.

Community members feel so special when they receive invitations from Communispace to join our private online communities. And it feels incredible to be hired by any new company—whether it’s your first job or your fourteenth. There is something invigorating about plunging into a new adventure, getting to know those around you … and being delighted by everything you uncover. That feeling doesn’t have to fade, you know. Unlike one of our communities that is closing, the rest of us never have to “sunset” or put aside the passion that brought us all here in the first place.

Just like new members bring new life and vibrancy to our communities, new hires and their sincere smiles bring an added taste of that enthusiasm to Communispace’s halls with every awkward, slightly self-conscious step they take.

Often, I feel that people talk about “not wasting the opportunity you’ve been given.” From my perspective, if you start out focused on wholeheartedly just enjoying a new experience, chances are that you’re going to shine naturally. And once you’re not new anymore, well—there’s absolutely nothing in the 72-odd pages of Human Resources’ new-hire paperwork that says you can’t keep on enjoying every single day of your job, day in and day out.

These days, I wake up every morning absolutely delighted to be a Communispacer—one more ingredient in a company mix that unequivocally embodies “extraordinary.” And if you see me smiling like crazy in the hallway returning from our Fenway or during a visit to our Boston office, well … it’s probably because I’m just so ridiculously excited to be here.

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