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Get Up, Get Moving

Athleisure has officially taken the world by storm, combining technical athletic wear with luxury fashion. It makes a lot of sense, since modern medical research studies seem to always remind us how important it is to keep active for optimal health. But, what if there were ways to integrate activity into our day – without even thinking about it? City planners around the world are teaming up with designers to make movement a natural part of everyday life. When it comes to consumer-centric businesses, the smartest brands provide irresistible opportunities for the consumer to engage in ways that make them feel smart and proud – much like “Om Bus” circling London to celebrate the opening of a new athleisure flagship store.

Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?New York Times

Sit still? James Levine, a Mayo Clinic researcher, discovers that fidgeting is a vital part of everyday health and wellness. The benefits of fidgeting are so great that we might reconsider how to encourage, rather than discourage, it in children and adults alike.

Healthy cities: vim and vigourMonocle

Travel to Japan, Australia and Portugal, where public spaces and culture are renegotiated to encourage residents of all ages to build activity into their days. Residents find daily activity effortless and it is easy to see where athleisure fits seamlessly into this environment.

Lululemon’s Meditation Busses Help Londoners Find Calm And FocusPSFK

A high-end yoga retailers invites consumers to join them “om the bus” for healthy snacks and quiet space in an otherwise bustling city. Consumers get to engage with the brand in a trendy, authentic way that fits their needs.

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