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Getting to the Insight: A logic game

Have you ever played one of those classic logic games?  Here’s a pretty famous one:  “Seth couldn’t go home because the man in the mask was waiting for him.  Where is Seth?”  Depending on the rules you play with, you either get to ask more questions or you just have to guess.

I like to think of that as the difference between what we do at Communispace and more traditional market research.  If you come out of a focus group or phone survey with contradictory findings, you’re left to extrapolate and/or ask another group of people to explain the inconsistency.  In a community, you can go back and ask questions of the same people to uncover the real basis for their original insights.

Okay, ready to play?

Here’s a logic game based on fairly typical research findings.  Oh, and we’re playing with Communispace rules here.  Of course, you can ask more questions.


Consider these data about a customer of a local food establishment:

  • Susan goes there “several times a week.”
  • She “occasionally” goes there more than once a day.
  • She spends more than $30 there every week.
  • She’s “satisfied” with the food quality.
  • She will “definitely” go there again in the future.
  • They have several menu items that she considers to be “very good” or “good.”
  • When asked how much she likes the food establishment, she reveals: “Not at All.”

Question: How do you explain the individual’s lack of affinity for a place she frequents so often?

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