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Girl Talk: All Day…

This isn’t a post about what we girls talk about over brunch, during long phone calls or when we excuse ourselves to go to the bathroom together. Sorry, guys.

Rather, I’d like to tell you about something *magical* that happened on Monday. Gregg Gillis, the mastermind behind Girl Talk released his 5th album, “All Day,” after keeping it a complete secret since he started working on it in 2008.

Now for those of you who might not be familiar with Girl Talk, the music is unconventional to say the least. Girl Talk is famous for his mashups. Using one instrument, his computer, he takes samples of songs and flawlessly pieces them together to make a new song. It’s definitely not for everyone — some love it and others hate it (guess which camp I’m in). And yes, there are some questions around the legality of his approach, but he contends that it’s legal (but that’s another story for another time).

So what’s so special about this particular album? Well, for starters it’s 71 minutes long and is meant to be listened to as a whole but is also broken up into 12 tracks. But the real story is how the album was released: for free online.

In an MTV article, Gregg shares that he finished the album on Sunday before releasing it online early Monday morning. He describes uploading the album, posting the link for friends on Facebook and tweeting about it before going to sleep at 7 a.m. (when most people were getting ready for work).

While Gregg slept thru Monday, fans buzzed #allday (myself included) about this surprise album. Is it going to be free forever? No one wanted to wait to find out. Is it as good as people say it is? Everyone wanted to hear it for themselves.

I was finally able to download it at 1 a.m. Monday night (though I will admit, I wasn’t trying to download it #allday). I let it download while I slept and listened to it #allday Tuesday (clearly, he picked the right name for the album). By Tuesday, the outline of featured songs was up on Wikipedia to everyone’s delight.

What’s the appeal of Girl Talk? The possibilities. The possibility of making one song you know and love mesh so well with another song. Or perhaps it’s the possibility of discovering a new band or musician. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the possibility of dancing awkwardly at your desk because you just can’t help it … (I may or may not be guilty of this offense).

The possibilities continue to unfold when you go to a Girl Talk concert. Each show is completely improvised based on the audience and their reaction. When you leave, you’ve experienced something so unique and special that only other concert-goers can understand. It’s a lot like logging into one of our communities — no two are the same and members’ experiences are shaped by the brands they interact with and the facilitators who keep them coming back for more.

With the release of the new album this week, I was reminded that the possibilities are endless. Any two songs can go together, I can awkwardly dance at my desk without too many people noticing or caring and I can be Girl Talk — facilitating a unique experience. And on February 26th, when I hear Girl Talk live, I’ll be reminded again.

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