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Give Me My Angry Birds!

I will be the first to admit – I was not an early adopter of Angry Birds. I would make fun of my friends who spent hours captivated by the squealing pigs and their avian foes. Don’t you have something better to do, I would ask.

And then one day, that all changed. A few months ago I decided it was time to leave the world of BlackBerry and enter the new and exciting world of the Droid. With my new phone in hand I thought I would download Angry Birds and just see what all of the fuss was about. A little while later I looked up and realized that my fears had been realized – I was now one of those Angry Birds addicts. How did it happen? How did those darn angry birds break down my willpower? My market researcher bug kicked in right about then and I decided to see what I could find about this captivating game.

I soon found an amazing infographic that answered all of my burning questions – and more.

According to Michael Chorsost, Ph.D., the simple design of the game combined with the sense of reward we feel from blowing up those darn pigs sends our dopamine system into overdrive. The dopamine system affects, among other things, our motivation and pleasure (thank you four years of Psychology classes!) which makes players more likely to become “addicted” to the game.

A few other fun facts I found include:

  • Angry Birds addicts play the equivalent of 16 years worth of gameplay every hour of every day.
  • While playing Angry Birds people have reported feeling joy and relaxation, but also irritability and anxiety.
  • Angry Birds is expected to surpass 1 billion downloads.

Would you consider yourself an Angry Birds addict?

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