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Google Nailed It

I don’t know that there is such thing as the perfect ad, but if there is, Google may very well have found it. Their new ads for Chrome are remarkable. With only seeing the ad once, I was able to recall the entire ad, what it was for, and where I was when I saw it. That never happens with me. I, like most folks, have trained myself to tune out the monotonous noise that is typical of TV ads. But this ad was different. Here, check it out:

What’s so impressive to me about this ad is that I immediately understood and felt connected to the message Google was trying to convey even though its topic, children, is something I can’t relate to. If that’s not a perfect ad, I don’t know what it is.

Google, my hat is off to you.

Oh, I also must point out that Google has an additional and equally remarkable ad called “It Gets Better.” If you haven’t seen that one, definitely take a look. Google really hit a homerun with this campaign.

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