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Great clients, great results.

Results. They’re what you stand by. They define you. They’re the outcome of all your hard work and they represent the value for which you get paid. They are no small things.

At Communispace, results – i.e., business impact – are the things we’re most proud of. And with 115 different clients, results come in all shapes and sizes.

What all the results share – and all the insights underneath them and all the stories underneath those – are great clients.

For us to be successful, for insights to get traction within an organization, one needs a champion that is fighting hard for the customer. In each one of our “top 10 client business results” and in hundreds more just like them, we have clients who made a choice to engage their customer differently – not merely as a target, but as a partner fueling their growth.

By involving their customer, by respecting them, engaging them, listening to them and helping their voices be heard in their organization, our clients achieve breakthrough results. $100 million success story. 88% increase in new accounts. $155 million in sales. #1 in product category. 53% lift in marketing response rate. 84% increase in product adoption.

By nearly any measure, these results stand on their own – as the product of unique insight into customers’ lives leading to great execution by a client, ultimately to marketplace success.

Results. We’re proud to share our “top 10” with you.

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