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Hallo! Hola! 欢迎! and Bienvenue!

Welcome to ‘Global Week’ here on Verbatim.  Beginning today, until 22 May, this space will be reserved to highlight some of the ground- breaking work our amazing clients have done with their multinational communities.  These industry leaders and iconic brands will provide a unique perspective and insight on listening to a global audience.

We’ll be addressing many facets and challenges of connecting to a global audience such as how diversity itself can become the “social glue” of an online community (InterContinental Hotels Group) and how a global audience can participate in co-innovation (KLM).  Philips Consumer Lifestyle will provide a case study on how they reached out to 400 consumers in 6 countries to help inform their health and wellbeing strategy.

We’ll also be hearing from Elsevier, whose 2 online communities include members from North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Furthermore, we’ll be highlighting some of Communispace’s diverse voices and talent.

I invite you to check in regularly throughout the week and join the conversations.  I, for one, am looking forward to a week of rich insights and entertaining perspectives.  Your participation will help make the discussion more valuable.

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