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Here Comes the Sun (do do do dit)

It’s the strangest thing.  People are walking around outside staring at the sky.  The look on their faces betrays only the slightest hint of recognition.  As if the sun is a friend they grew up with and haven’t seen in 25 years.  But it’s true…the rain has stopped in New England, and in addition to drying out our basements (err…cellars), we’re also getting ready to welcome spring into our lives.

It’s got me thinking … we need a spring pop music hit.  The summer hit has long been a staple of the music industry.  Every year there’s a catchy, omnipresent little ditty that becomes part of the collective pop culture brain.  You want proof?  Despite being a few years old, I defy you to say “umbrella” without someone near you saying “ella, ella, ella.”  Summer hits are fantastic even when–and maybe especially when–they’re annoying.

So, why no spring hit?  Isn’t that when we need it most?  Aren’t we most desperate to roll down our windows and turn up our radios when the weather first starts to get warm?

Sounds like just the kind of problem a community could solve.  Hence, I call on you, my community.  To create, nominate, find and share the perfect spring song.

I nominate “Can’t Hardly Wait” by The Replacements.  It’s classic and perfect.

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