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Hispanic women the most proactive multi-channel retail shoppers

I’ll admit it. I am a sucker for a good deal (and for good chips!). So it’s no surprise that when Boloco recently sent an email offering 25% off as a way to get some foot traffic on a rainy day that my lunch plans took a turn. My salad didn’t make sense anymore … Boloco was offering a great deal and I could always save my salad for dinner. Soon I had my burrito, chips and salsa in hand. I was a very happy girl.

But, the search for value and a good deal can cast a wider net for many of us, Hispanic women. According to a recent study by WSL/Strategic Retail, the most proactive shoppers – in terms of using multiple retail channels to find the best deal – are Hispanic women. A few more interesting findings:

  • Nearly 60 percent of Hispanic women use apps to search for the lowest price.
  • 53 percent make it a point to search online before going shopping.
  • 53 percent are using their mobile devices in the store to find electronic coupons, sales and discount codes.

While these stats may be surprising to some of you they are not so shocking to me. As a facilitator to several of our Hispanic communities I’ve heard about this trend before. Many of our Hispanic members share with us how finding the best deal or using the right mix of coupons is their way of contributing to the household finances. Though value does not always equate to a lower price it is influenced by communication channels, customer service and well how good the chips and salsa are!

Knowing how to reach these key consumers – and understand shopping behaviors that can lend insight into other demographics’ buying activity – will be critical for online merchants and brick and mortar retailers alike.

Read more about the report and check out our whitepaper “Me Entiendes” below to learn how to reach Hispanic consumers in the US.

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