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Home for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, many of us are looking ahead to travelling home (wherever that may be) for the holiday. For me, that means heading for the train and making my way five hours south to the wonderful city of Philadelphia. Or, I should say, wonderful in my personal opinion, because according to Travel + Leisure magazine’s recent ranking of 35 of America’s favorite cities, my old hometown isn’t doing so hot. According to a survey conducted by the magazine over the past year, we rank 33rd in friendliness, 30th in intelligence and 33rd in attractiveness (ouch!)

When I first saw these results, I panicked for a minute and had a surge of hometown pride as I started coming up with reasons to defend the city (we have Tastykakes, we’re the birthplace of liberty and Tina Fey grew up nearby!) But then I had a thought—do I really care? Sure, it would be nice if my hometown has the best restaurants (like New Orleans) or the best shopping (like Charleston), but that’s not the real reason I’m looking forward to heading home. (Ok, time to cue the cheesy music.) I’m excited to go home and see my friends and family and enjoy some of my mom’s cooking. So while it’s fun to see how your hometown stacks up against another (take that Baltimore!), there are many more reasons take pride in where you’re from.

So how does your hometown stack up?

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