How to Engage with Hispanic Consumers – Abridged (Tweets from “Me Entiendes?”)

Hispanics are quickly becoming the fastest growing consumer group in the U.S., challenging marketers and demographers to take a fresh look at how to best connect with this audience. Today Communispace presented a webinar revealing new research on how marketers and brands can engage Hispanic consumers.

While we’ll have a video recording available for download soon, the tweets and retweets from our team and the attendees crystallized a lot of the learnings and provide a point-by-point review of how marketers can approach engaging with Hispanic audiences.

Here’s a tweet by tweet transcript of the spiciest insights:

The Hispanic Market in the United States

  • The notion of a general Hispanic market in the US less relevant than it once was.
  • US Hispanics are more multicultural, more bilingual, and more immersed in American mainstream culture than ever before …
  • … meanwhile, American culture is moving more towards Hispanic culture
  • For marketing & branding, this means that biculturalism – not assimilation – is a force in how Hispanics self-identify.


  • Race and ethnic background are buckets of convenience created by marketers, not always how Latinos describe themselves
  • Country of origin and national pride remains a relevant way to target to and resonate with Latino identity
  • Huge no-no for marketers: stereotyping Hispanics as all being Mexican

The Question of Spanish Language in Hispanic Marketing

  • Don’t assume Spanish is the way to reach Latino customers
  • Poor marketing translations from English to Spanish will immediately turn off Hispanic consumers
  • English vs. Spanish for Latino marketing – get it right, or don’t do it at all
  • Brands building market research communities to engage Latinos should consider English-language communities
  • English is sometimes preferable to Hispanic consumers, as in the case of retail coupons, where Spanish can complicate checkout

Engaging Hispanic Consumers

  • Warmer connections (family, entertainment) more of an opportunity to use Spanish in marketing to Hispanics than business situations
  • The Hispanic market is hugely diverse. If you can’t micro-target accurately to different segments…
  • … find evidence of common ground and build on shared contexts to connect w/ Hispanic consumers broadly

Hispanic Marketing Takeaways

#1: If people identify as Hispanic, they’re Hispanic

#2: Capitalize on commonalities (family, values, etc) to connect with a broad range of consumers.

#3: Use Spanish SELECTIVELY

#4: Micro-market whenever possible to leverage broad diversity of Latino consumers

#5: Maintain a constant – and deliberate – connection in an ongoing dialogue

Out of everything that was presented, one thing was clear: numbers are not enough to truly understand the Hispanic consumer – deeper insights and conversation are crucial.

We’ll upload a recording of the webinar and make it available, so check back soon. In the meantime, please download our research paper Me Entiendes?: Revisiting Acculturation.

To learn more about how your brand can use private online communities to connect with Hispanic consumers, contact us.