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Triangulating to Truth: Identifying Emotional Motivators that Drive Consumer Behavior

A large, new grocery store opened recently in the historic New England town where I live. The new store is spacious, clean, and pretty much offers everything I would ever need at a decent price. But, I can’t seem to bring myself to shop there. Somehow, I just find myself gravitating to my old, cramped and (arguably) price-challenged store.

If we only considered the rational elements price, quality and selection my behavior would appear to be totally illogical. However, most behaviors result from a far more complex set of conscious and subconscious motivations. In many cases, there are emotional rewards, physiological pleasure (or discomfort), self-concept and social identity factors pulling in different directions. To stand a chance of effectively motivating behavior change, marketers need to fully understand the underlying dynamics.

At Communispace, we use many different tools to uncover consumers’ complex inner truths for our clients. By examining a behavior from diverse vantage points and through different lenses, we can piece together a complete story. From this, we empower our clients to refresh their assumptions, create innovation and deliver lasting business impact.

In a new white paper, I describe an example of how we helped a grocery retailer find new ways to win against brutal competition. Specifically, I explain:

  • How identifying emotional motivators, conscious and subconscious, can provide insight into the rewards and pain points associated with shopping
  • Why social identity is another powerful driver of human behavior
  • How consumer behavior and choices are driven by the interaction of a number of rational and non-rational factors

Thoughts and reactions? Post them in the comments – I’d love to hear them.

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