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Insights for the Public Service: Announcing our Partnership with The Ad Council

Kendra Metzger, Community Manager and Ad Council partnership liason at Communispace discusses our exciting new partnership with The Ad Council – through which we will tap our proprietary insights communities to help expand and deepen their public service efforts.

The Partnership
What better way for us to give back to the community than by doing what we do best? That is, tapping into our own IdeaSpace Communities to conduct research on important national topics like child passenger safety as part of a partnership with the Ad Council.

How it all started
At Communispace , aside from our everyday work in private online communities, we strive to give back to the off-line community as well. Over the years Communispacers have been taking advantage of their volunteer  time and giving back via food & blood drives, fundraisers for Haiti relief, food sorting at the local food bank or planting tulips on the Charles.

The idea of a Communispace/Ad Council collaboration was first born over a lunch (as the best things often are) between our Communispace CEO Diane Hessan and Ad Council Director of Research Tony Foleno, in the August of 2010. The idea of working with the Ad Council was a new and unique opportunity for us to give back as a company – by applying our skills and best practices in market research – to help the Ad Council’s ad agencies in developing critical and impactful PSA communications. Now in 2011 we are finally solidifying this partnership.

Making an Impact
Known for  impactful Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from Smokey the Bear to the Crash Test Dummies, it’s no question that the Ad Council knows best how to positively affect social change, and we here at Communispace are excited to be a part of their efforts.

And what has this partnership been teaching us about volunteering? That giving back is often about leveraging our strengths, using our knowledge and unique skills to effect change, and lending our hands to do what we do best.

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