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International Women’s Day: What Is and What Should Be

Last week on March 8th, we celebrated International Women’s Day. Part of me hesitates to write about this day because shouldn’t strong, powerful, intelligent women be mainstream and “yesterday’s news” by now? Yet, because there is a difference between what is and what should be, I know it’s imperative to draw attention to the cause. Until gender parity is mainstream, both women and men must do what we can to make strides and get us where we should be.

New Teams at Work: International Women’s Day Every Day, The Huffington Post

This blog post highlights the necessity of bringing women’s achievement (and safety!) into the mainstream. Numerous studies show that – guess what? – when gender parity plays out in business, it means good things for the bottom line. And I mean, really good things. A new report says that businesses with at least 30% female leaders add 6% to net margins. Microsoft is featured as a business committed to gender parity. Within the post, you can find a feel-good video that will school you on a topic that you probably never learned about in school: female inventors.

Spotify Jumps on the Paid Parental Leave Bandwagon, Fast Company

Slowly but surely, progressive tech companies are promoting their flexible paid parental leave programs. Now, Spotify is joining in. The program includes up to six months’ parental leave with 100% pay, for both mothers and fathers. One argument against such flexible policies is that they are often technically implemented without being encouraged by the company, reminding us that policies alone will not change the world.

#talenthasnogender, DDB campaign

In honor of IWD, our Omnicom sister agency, DDB, went viral with a campaign about how talent is genderless. Check out the video and if you’re feeling inspired, join the conversation using #talenthasnogender.

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