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Introducing Speak Up Britain

Here in the UK, we’re taking a stand against soundbites and spin by offering a more human perspective on the challenges facing the British public in the run up to the UK General Election.

Three weeks ago, we launched an online insight community of 400 people from across the country to uncover the unspoken hopes and fears that are driving their voting decisions. To complement the community, our documentary team are travelling to three marginal election battlegrounds to go deep with the public and, next, we will explore our findings and the impact of the election result with brands.

We’ll be sharing what we hear, when we hear it, on this dedicated website for the next five weeks. Stay closer than ever to UK citizens: real people sharing real-time reactions to events as they unfold; tracking their decision-making processes over the entire election through the lens of four new voter typologies.

For a more human perspective, visit Speak Up Britain.

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