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Job 2.0 (Alternatively: Why so many of us sip the Kool-Aid)

Sometimes my friends ask me if I ever do any actual “work” at work. Of course the answer is yes (and a resounding one at that); I work hard—very hard—because I love my job, and my company and clients are important to me. But when I take a step back, I guess I can see why my friends are questioning me.

I mean, they did see me come home decked-out in bright green sweats, celebrating the victory of my Client Services Team—dubbed ‘The Green Monsters’—in our company kickball game (not to mention the make-your-own-sundae party that followed). They have watched me leave the house dressed like an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in celebration of ‘90s Day. Yes, I gushed about the birthday celebration we hosted for The Hub (our company Intranet), complete with Hoodsies and goodie bags—and more than once, I’ve asked for their advice on appointing a celebrity look-alike to a fellow employee.

To me, it seems normal to vote for my favorite facial hair in the company’s annual ‘Beard-Off’ or to compete in a pumpkin carving competition with my coworkers. But these are the types of things that make my peers pause and wonder why they aren’t having as much fun at their jobs. Apparently, not every company has a culture like Communispace.

I interviewed at quite a few places as part of my post-grad job search. But when I first walked into this building, I knew it was the place I wanted to work. The place I HAD to work: bright colors, open work spaces, smiling employees, craftily named conference rooms, a foosball table… not to mention the flexible work schedule and a staff I can only describe as the most creative, energetic, adventurous group of people I’ve ever met!

A number of companies say their biggest asset is their people; Communispace doesn’t have to say it. We live it. It’s evident from the moment you first make contact, this company stands apart. And it’s not just the events, the bright colors, or even the free food—it’s our culture. It’s who we are.

…maybe I (like Bill Alberti, and so many others) have been sipping the “company Kool-Aid,” but when it’s served up with a side of fun at our catered Thursday lunches, who could blame me?

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