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Let The Good Times Roll…

It’s no secret that Communispace is a fun place to work. Though when I and the other Fun Friday bloggers, Nate Franklin and Pete Chapin, started thinking about what makes Communispace fun, we couldn’t pinpoint just ONE answer. Being the fun-loving people we are, we headed up to Fenway Park West to hit a ball around and see what our fellow Cspacers had to say:

Well that was fun! The people, food, senses of humor and other things certainly do make Communispace a great place to work.

Each week, Nate, Pete and I will strive to bring you insight into the fun we’re having at Communispace, musings on pop culture and anything else that makes us laugh – because by the end of the week, who doesn’t need a laugh?

And of course, don’t be afraid to give us feedback. After all, our self-worth is completely dependent on your comments…

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