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Let’s Get Appy!

This year we set out to do something different. We wanted to develop an entirely new brand experience that would allow Communispace’s sales force, employees, clients, and agency partners to tell the Communispace story – easily and effectively.

Communispace is a unique offering. If you’ve worked with us, you understand what we do. But that very uniqueness makes it a difficult story for many to retell. There are all kinds of situations where this might apply. For example, an agency partner may be including a Communispace community as a part of a recommendation to their client—and we’re not there to explain. Or maybe an existing client is planning on sharing a big insight with a larger internal team—who isn’t aware of the community or the activities within it. Without the right tools, that story can easily be a complex one to tell.

The solution needed to be simple, accessible, and interactive. And since Communispace communities run on innovative software, we wanted our story to reflect that technology leadership. After brainstorming lots of different ideas, we landed on an iPad app as the ideal way to communicate our story and enable others to share it. Here’s why:

  • Multimedia. With an application, we can leverage interactions, functionality and video in one neat bundle.
  • Tablets are becoming more and more of a player in the marketplace. 86% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or deploying iPad applications, and it is estimated that there will be 82.1 million tablet users in the US by 2015.
  • The app is easy to share and free to download
  • The app can be presented to someone, or explored alone
  • Media is (part of) the message

The result: CSpace Engage!, Turns out we were even the first in our space to use an iPad app to tell their story. Engage! V1.0 will take you through who we are, what we do, and offer up four proven case studies to show we mean business. And this is only the beginning. Future plans include expanding to iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms, as well as more exclusive content you’ll only find on the app.

To learn more, check out our press release, or download from the Apple store.

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