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Let’s Think About Things Differently

There’s always more than one way to look at something – whether it’s office productivity or how to appeal to your customers. Open up to a few alternatives to current methods in this week’s C Space Inspiration Weekly:

Brainstorming is Dumb, Fast Company

Have we had the wrong idea about brainstorming all this time? If the goal is to generate ideas, there might be a better way with pen in hand. An alternative to brainstorming is brainwriting – when a group of people generate ideas with pen and paper and less chit chat.

What AirBnB Understands About Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done,” Harvard Business Review

Rather than thinking of AirBnB as a disruption to the hotel industry, think of it a company that understands why customers make the choices that they do. Consumers were looking to hire, and AirBnB stepped in.

Are Brands Optimizing Their Marketing to Death? AdAge

It’s possible that optimizing ads can go too far. With increased optimization, comes too much repetition to the same audience. Alternatives include broadening the core audience or offering a sequence of messages that build on each other.

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