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Listen to Voices of the Customer: Stories from community members

We all love a good story! As a facilitator of countless communities over the years, I have always found that members’ stories about themselves are often much more insightful than their reactions to a new product idea or a new ad. We love stories at Communispace, and we devote a lot of our creative energy into coaxing our members into revealing a little (or a lot) about their daily routines and challenges.

It’s not easy asking a technophobic empty nester to share her frustrations with trying to setup a wireless network in her home. We must establish a certain amount of trust before we can ask a group of moms to tell us how they wish they could be better parents. Same goes for college students, when we want stories about how they really use and sometimes abuse technology.

That said, we decided to put our blogging spotlight on our members. This month we will feature stories written by our members, about our members, and in a way that only our members can describe. It’s the summer of 2009; we’re in the worst recession in years, but people are looking for ways to fit-in that vacation, have some fun, and find something to look forward to in these uncertain times. We turn to our members to give us a glimpse into their thinking, their world, and their outlook.

Please check back and see if you recognize your neighbor, your grandmother, or perhaps someone you only thought you knew.

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