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Listening Lessons

At Communispace, we get asked a lot about lessons learned and best practices for online communities.  Since we’ve been doing this for over ten years, we have plenty of experience about what works and what doesn’t.  I wrote a blog post for the Harvard Business Review blog network that covers some of the Mistakes to Avoid if you want to be successful with your customer community.  Please check it out and let us know…do you agree? What did we miss?

My co-author is Professor Anat Keinan from Harvard Business School. She’s an incredible marketing professor who recently published a case study on Communispace for use in the first-year MBA marketing curriculum.  It’s great that the top business schools are teaching MBAs about “social business” and the power of listening.  For this new generation of business leaders, engaging in conversations with customers online will be second nature.  Interesting, eh?

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