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Live from #SMB14

Communispace’s own Fenway Park is the home field for Bob Collin’s Social Media Breakfast : Social Media Overload – Making Sense of it All. Today’s presenters are:
  • Joe Cascio, independent software developer and PeopleBrowsr user advocate & educator 
  • Michael Durwin, Creative Director turned 3.0 entrepreneur & Chief Creative Guy at Gathr.Me
  • Marta Kagan, Bonafide Marketing Genius & Managing Director, US for Espresso (integrated marketing agency) 
  • Michael Troiano, Mack Daddy Blogger & Board Member at Crimson Hexagon  

Michael Durwin, founder of Gathr.Me just asked the audience to “raise their left arm if they have more than one email account, to raise their right arm if they are a part of a social network, and to stand if they produce content for clients” see below for results:

Please raise your arm if . . .

#SMB14 Please raise your arm if . . .

Check out #SMB14 on Twitter for live updates!

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