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Feeling the Brand Love: Consumers write love letters to their favorite brands

Whether you are an over-the-top Valentine lovebird with flowers, reservations and sappy gifts ready at the whim OR whether you will cringe at the sight of any shade of pink or red on February 14th, there has long been a debate over whether Valentine’s Day should be observed and how exactly it should be celebrated, if at all. (Note: this post will not be sharing my perspective on this controversial matter and even then, you’ll have to buy me a beer to hear that.)

Often labeled a manufactured ‘corporate holiday’ we decided at Communispace to embrace this phrase in its fullest form – by asking members in our IdeaSpace communities to write a love letter/Valentine to their favorite brands. What might sound like a very simple (maybe even juvenile) exercise came back with responses that were both grounded and meaningful, and yet at the same time, mildly entertaining.

Let’s take a look at a few of the types of relationships – shall we?

Godiva: Part-Time Lover

“Dear Godiva, You are so rich and decadent – it’s not hard to fall for you. I’ve been a fan for decades, although my current lifestyle won’t allow us to spend as much time together. But fear not, you are never far from my thoughts. Even though my routine now consists of fruits, vegetables, and time on the treadmill, I still allow myself to indulge in you a little bit. What’s nice is that a little goes a long way. You can always lift my spirits. Even though we’re not together as much, it only makes our encounters that much more enjoyable.”

Brand Love Lesson #1: Embrace consumers’ realistic lifestyle and know when you should actively play a role in their lives (lifting spirits, indulgence, etc.) and when you shouldn’t.

Target: I Just Can’t Get Enough

“Dear Target, Thank you for being there for me through thick and thin! Every time I visit, I leave with a smile on my face. You carry better items than all of your competitors. If I’ve had a rough week at work, I will visit to browse and unwind. I always find more than I need, but I don’t mind so you must be doing your job!”

Brand Love Lesson #2: Remember that you can be more than a retailer, you can be a destination. The shopping experience might just deliver more satisfaction to your customers than the check-out line.

Amazon: It’s so Easy (to Fall in Love)

“Amazon, I love you dearly. You have made my life so much easier. Your wish list takes the guessing out of buying the right gift. Your selection makes it so easy.”

Brand Love Lesson #3: Sometimes rational benefits can translate to emotional reward. Saving people time and money, allows them to prioritize other areas in their life before shopping.

Apple iPad: Stand by Me

“Dear iPad, I love and adore you. I don’t know what I’d do without you. You are with me physically at all times. I have you at work to help me get through the day and to get me to all of my meetings on time. After work, you help me out by pointing me to new recipes and keeping me on a healthy eating path. You also make me laugh as I catch up on Facebook and watch videos. I couldn’t ask for a better companion.”

Brand Love Lesson #4: As a brand, helping people live more fulfilling and rewarding lives can build an inseparable relationship.

Luna Bars: The Little Things (my Baby Does)

“What did I do before we met? Since I found you, I eat things that are good for me and still taste great. I love the fact that you value your customers and go out of your way to show it. You sent me a Christmas card and were the only brand to send me a gift – a chocolate peppermint bar to enjoy right away and a lip gloss to use throughout the year.”

Brand Love Lesson #5: Customers appreciate the above and beyond steps you take to appreciate their business, no matter how big or small. Don’t forget to reward your loyalists.

Sure these love letters may be lofty, but it’s always a good and purposeful reminder to be conscious about how your products or services allow people to live happier, better lives. When thinking about the next phase of product development or while crafting a new marketing plan, remember to never lose sight of why your brand is loved.

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