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Lurking Mom

My name is Jen, and I am a lurker… in the blogosphere.

I dutifully read countless blogs each week but have never aired my own thoughts. Not for lack of an opinion, but lack of a platform and, let’s face it, time. But today I am making it happen! I am going to talk to you about moms. It’s a topic for which I have some expertise, or at least I had better. I am one. I know a lot of them, and from what I’ve read, we are taking over the blogosphere—not contributing much, but making a lot of decisions based on what we see.

So here goes…

Moms are convening online more than ever. According to the 2009 Women in Social Media Study by BlogHer, iVillage, and Compass Partners, women are turning in even greater numbers to blogs (55%), social networks (75%), and online status updating (20%), as their primary way to connect with others, entertain themselves, and gather information. And another cool study, The Cassandra New Family Report (from TrendCentral.com), said that 48% of moms have a social networking account and they increasingly say that Facebook is a “me” space more than a “mom” space. This last point was particularly interesting to me. Venturing into the blogosphere is my personal attempt at taking a mini-vacation in my way too overscheduled world. I indulge myself with everything from trashy celebrity gossip to political banter, and doing so reminds me that I am not just a mom. For a few brief minutes I feel like that person I was before my daughter was born. You know, a human, with a brain, who had a name besides, “MOMMY!”

I also firmly believe the blogs I read help me to be better at my mom-related duties. A few minutes a day gives me all I need to know about the toys that were recalled this month, the discount at my favorite (but way too expensive) shoe store, the latest fruit to add to my family’s diet, and 10 ways to better manage my time at home and work (and that’s just the stuff I read from 10:15-10:30 today). Seriously.

So, moms, we are all gathered here together in this virtual universe and the question is—what do you want to say to us, Mr. and Mrs. (or is it Ms.?) Corporate America? Do you want to pitch us products, drive us to the local Walmart to buy whatever it is that you’re selling, or do you want to really understand us, once and for all? I recommend the latter.

I suggest you start by reading blogs like BlogHer, dooce, and, well, me, as often as you can. I dare you. And tell me after one month you don’t have a greater sense for the things impacting this complex, emotional, intelligent, important, and every-changing group. So get your reading glasses out and get on-board the blogosphere. And if you want to hear more about how this mom thinks… stay tuned.

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