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Making Memories

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, people are more interested than ever in capturing their memories, and of course, participating in experiences that are worth sharing. For brands, it’s becoming more important that they infuse themselves in these situations in an authentic way. As Steve Jobs once said, “The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing.”

The World’s Most Valuable Brands, Forbes

Apple tops the list of the world’s most valuable brands, a place it earns based on the company’s relationship with its customers more than differentiated products. Check out this article to learn who fills out the top 10.

Liquor Brands Aim to Entice with Signature Experiences, New York Times

A bakery-beach club? Tours of Paris? Hear about how brands like Grey Goose are creating exclusive occasions to encourage brand interaction.

Caffeine & Content: Why Mountain Dew is Launching its own Multichannel Network, Fast Company

Mountain Dew is taking an online approach to authentic experiences through the launch of the first brand-owned multichannel network (MCN). See how they’re working with YouTube influencers to enhance the brand’s relationships with young millennials and Gen Z.

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