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Mayfair’s Patient-Inspired Clinic Wins Customer Experience Innovation Award

We love it when our client work wins awards – it’s just more proof that partnering with customers is valuable.

I’m pleased to announce that Mayfair Diagnostics, one of Canada’s leading medical radiology practices, just took home a Customer Experience Innovation Award from the Customer Experience Professional Association (CXPA) for their new imagining clinic that was co-created with patients, physicians, and employees.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for this award,” said Jackie McAtee, Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience at Mayfair. “Mayfair’s journey to reimagine medical imaging has been incredibly fun, and I want to thank the CXPA for this opportunity to share it with the world.”

In partnership with C Space, Mayfair drew inspiration from outside the healthcare industry to design and launch a state-of-the-art medical imaging facility in Calgary. Everything in the clinic was designed from the ground up with the patient experience in mind – from the lighting and decor, to the changing rooms, to the way patients are greeted and guided through their visit.

Using the principles of co-creation, patients, physicians, and Mayfair employees collaborated in workshop sessions to rethink the way healthcare should be delivered. Instead of attempting to create an imaging clinic that provides outstanding patient experiences, Mayfair reframed the approach by asking, How do we turn an outstanding patient experience into an imaging clinic?

“People today no longer tolerate bad experiences – they gravitate towards companies that deliver outstanding ones and Mayfair is no exception,” said McAtee. “Whether they are at the Apple store, the Four Seasons, or the doctor’s office, people are accustomed to expect more from their experiences, and Mayfair’s taking stock of this growing societal trend.”

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