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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: A high energy summer

Do you have any fun summer plan in the works?

We are moving to NJ this summer!  This is fun for me, because I am obsessed with cleaning and organizing and this is a great excuse to do both, a lot!  We are moving in with my immediate family which will be a big change to a lot of lives, but we are all super excited for the chaos that will surely ensue.  We will also be moving from a one floor apartment to a three floor house, so there will be lots of stairs to run up and down!  There will be a lot of people in and out of the house.  To some, this may not seem like a fun summer plan, but I can’t wait!!  My friends and I also do an annual camping trip complete with hiking!  I still force us all to stay in a cabin though as I cannot quite get down with a tent, but I’m trying!

What do you like best about summer?

I enjoy summer most because the days feel longer.  Since it is light out earlier and later in the day, I feel like there is more time to do things, like take a walk or garden, or other things that you can’t really do in the dark.  Many of our friends are teachers, so they toil away all school year, we get to spend a lot of time with them over the summer, having barbeques and just hanging out.

What will be different this summer vs. last summer, if anything?

Last summer was our first summer married, so we were quite happy just enjoying each other’s company.  This summer is going to be a whirlwind of changes, and surely many parties and get-togethers as we return home.  We will be pulled in a lot of different directions, and we will need to work together to make sure we coordinate well!  For me personally, working from home, I rarely spent time outside, and now I will have a commute and office mates to go out with at lunch time.

How does your workout routine change during the summer, if at all?

Generally, the summer makes me work out in the morning since its cooler and light out early.  I think that I also exercise more just in my daily routine, parking further away to enjoy the sun, walking places instead of driving, and so on.  Taking the dog out for a walk also results in longer walks instead of the hurried “get your business done” winter walks!  Since these type of cardio workouts are increased, I focus more on yoga and strength at home.

What is your favorite athletic activity during the summer?

I am far more active in the summer because it’s warmer.  I think of all the activities I do, my favorite is yoga.  It is much better to me when it’s very warm and I feel more limber.  I also enjoy longer speed walks with my dog after work when its fun for both of us, and not because “we have to exercise”.  When and where available, I also love to take hikes in the summer evenings and see lightning bugs, and also water sports like parasailing!

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