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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Christmas at 30 Degrees Celsius

Now that summer has passed in your hemisphere, please tell us about any fun things that you did?

The most memorable thing about this summer just gone was the birth of my third child – Seaana Holly in early December.  She was supposed to be born on Christmas Eve (hence the name Holly) but decided to come 2 weeks early.  Being there for the birth was awesome and seeing her grow over the summer was great, her first smile, her first cry (which actually happened days after she was born), her first Christmas and wearing a small Santa suit……that was really fun.

Family Christmas – this year we spent Christmas with my wife’s family and there are the funniest bunch of people you will ever meet.  There big tradition each year is starting water or flour fights, and usually it is both at the same time.  This year was no exception.  The backyard, kitchen, lounge room and front door were covered with a wet flour paste.  Needless to say our clothes were drenched and flour covered our hair, face and all our bodies.  Oh yeah, our BBQ caught on fire too while Uncle Rob was cooking bacon, eggs and sausages for breakfast.  Never have I seen flames so big!

We have a tradition with our friend’s which continues throughout the year where we get together most Friday nights.  This summer we bought a brazier so we went out around the streets and got pine cones, brought them to our back yard and made a nice fire in the brazier.  We’d sit around till after midnight telling stories, jokes and having a fun time.  We also had a birthday party around the fire and the BBQ (but it didn’t catch alight this time).

Australia Day – we got together with family and friends at a local park for brunch.  We set up a gazebo, cooked some really tasty food (and too much of it) then set up the cricket set for a game of cricket.  It was so funny seeing everyone running around with drinks or food in their hands trying to bowl, bat or catch.

In general, what do you like best about summer?

It is sunny, warm and watermelon is in season.  I love getting home from work and having a large piece of juicy watermelon.  Summer is also the time of BBQ’s.  I think we’d be outside using the BBQ five nights a week.  It is so much fun, especially for the kids to eat their dinner outside on the grass or the trampoline.

It’s cricket time.  Summer means we can go to “The Gabba” and watch Australia play against the other teams.  I just need to wait to my kids get a little older so I can take them there and teach them to cheer for the players.

What was different about this summer vs. last summer, if anything?

The birth of Seaana was pretty significant this summer and because of her I got 4 weeks off work so I was able to play and do things with the whole family.  Summer is usually the same for us each year but it really depends on whose family we are visiting for Christmas.  My family is in Brisbane, my wife’s mother is in Brisbane but every now and then we go to Melbourne for summer to be with my wife’s father’s side of the family.

On a hot summer Friday night where would we most likely find you and your friends hanging out?

  • My backyard with the fire going in the brazier 
  • The drive-in at Yatala 
  • Friends house for a BBQ
  • The park having a BBQ
  • South Bank Parklands 
  • Movies
  • Sleeping
  • Camping

What are some of your favorite summer treats?

  • Watermelon
  • Ice-cream
  • Steak!
  • Frozen cordial so it’s like an ice block in a cup
  • Zooper Doopers 
  • Sunny Boys 
  • Dr Pepper
  • M&Ms
  • Holidays

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