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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Small summer indulgences

Do you have any fun summer plan in the works?

Well, to tell the truth, I had been planning on going to Japan in August with a group, but plans changed when the price went up. Now I think I’ll lie low through the humid heat of Florida summer and concentrate on air conditioned fun.

A friend of mine has recently started a Bad Movie Night, and I plan on attending the next one. Our first movie, Leonard Part 6 was deliciously terrible, and the movie industry is filled with such abominations, I think we shall not lack for material.

Other than that, I want to have fun shopping trips to odd food stores or bakeries. Also, I plan to visit my grandmother and catch up with her. Oh, and read. I will undoubtedly spend many happy hours this summer hanging out with the cats and reading novels and manga. So that’s the plan.

What do you like best about summer?

I like the rain. It’s a blessed relief from the heat, and good for the plants, but more than that, I like the peaceful, clean feeling it gives everything.

What will be different this summer vs. last summer, if anything?

Most summers I take trips with my parents (the husband is not a trip-taker). We’ve been to my grandmother’s hometown in Tennessee and Cozumel, Mexico and all in between. This summer will laid back and homey. I love the screened in back porch when it’s not too hot. Reading a book and looking up to watch bluejays flit through the little wooded area behind the house is great. The cats think so too.

Are you spending more or less on your summer plans this year than last?

If my Japan trip had gone through, the answer would have been more, but as is, I think it’s going to be a definite “less” this year.

What is the one summer indulgence you allow yourself regardless of money?

I’m mentally cataloging my indulgences, and I have to say it’s the same thing all year round. Chocolate is prioritized. Trips to Fresh Market and picking up discontinued chocolate at discount stores. The hunt for something new, something good. The hunt is part of the fun. The reward of chocolate is rich, and at the same time it’s simple. There’s no complications or planning or time-consuming commitments.

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