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MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Spending more and less this summer

Do you have any fun summer plan in the works?

We’ll be going down to my sister’s for the 4th of July weekend for a family pool party. My sister’s husband takes good care of us whenever we’re there, my daughters love their dogs, and we end our evenings in their Jacuzzi.  The girls will be going on vacation with my parents while I get a weekend at home!  The girls get to go on a lot of field trips during the summer with the Boys & Girls Club.

What do you like best about summer?

Not having to deal with homework! Homework generally eats up so much of our weeknights during the school year that I feel more like a teacher’s assistant than a parent until the weekend. Our evenings are so much more relaxing and enjoyable without homework hanging over all of our heads.  I can also save on groceries since the Boys & Girls Club provides lunch for the girls on days when they don’t have field trips.

What will be different this summer vs. last summer, if anything?

No summer trips planned this year. I usually try to at least take the girls on a weekend getaway, but I’m saving up to take them to NY over Xmas instead.

Are you spending more or less on your summer plans this year than last?

Both: I’m spending more on child care for the girls and their field trips with the Boys & Girls Club, but I’m spending less on family vacations. The summer is actually the hardest time of year for me financially.

What is the one summer indulgence you allow yourself regardless of money?

Air conditioning. I live in the Valley. Today it’s expected to hit around 102 degrees. During the week, I can usually get away with not using it since we don’t get home until after 6 pm, but on the weekends, it is worth the electricity costs to avoid all of us being cranky because we’re too hot! Still, I’ve noticed that even when I use my a/c, since I’ve switched all of my light bulbs to CFLs, my electricity bill is lower.

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