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Minivan Dreams Powered by Toyota

I want a minivan and I don’t want to be judged! When I was in my early twenties, I drove a minivan and it was the car-of-choice among me and my friends. We didn’t care what we were driving in, as long as we were together and the music was loud. I could fit 10 people in that minivan; it was a punk rock clown car.

I now fit the profile of a minivan driver—I’m in my thirties and I’ve reproduced—and therefore I’ve been told by friends and family that I absolutely cannot drive a minivan.

It’s not fair!

I have musician friends who drive minivans. So, it’s okay to open that deliciously-easy sliding door if you’re taking a bass guitar out of it, but it’s lame if my son is the precious cargo?

Enter Toyota’s new “Meet the Parents” ads for the Sienna Minivan.


These ads are pure genius, playing on an oft-forgotten truism of cool: There’s nothing less cool than trying to be cool.

Will the ads convince naysayers to enter through the sliding door? I live with one data point who might be coming around. As for me, I consider myself an early adopter. (How cool is that?)

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