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MITX Future Leaders Discuss Millennials & the Future of Marketing on Market Edge Podcast with Larry Weber

It seems like everyone is trying to understand Millennials, how to reach them, and, most importantly, how to market to them in order to harness their purchasing power.

At Communispace I get to tap into the “consumer mind” each and every day, helping clients develop meaningful, insightful, and collaborative relationships with the people crucial to their business: their customers. Knowledge of the consumer is an important and strategic competitive advantage in an era known as “the age of the customer,” where markets are increasingly driven by the power and influence that consumers wield. And Millennials, especially, are a key group to understand, most simply because they are the nation’s largest living generation.

Along with my work at Communispace, I am one of eight young professionals chosen to be in the MITX (Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange) Future Leaders Group (FLG). The MITX FLG is a select group of leaders within the Boston community chosen by business leaders from the MITX board such as Larry Weber, Adam Medros, Dave Balter, Brian Halligan, and Wayne Chang, along with other Boston-area innovation gurus. Our purpose is to connect young professionals within the Boston tech scene in an effort to foster creativity, innovation, and new relationships so that together we can bring awareness to the Boston tech community. You can learn more about the FLG members here.

Today, I and the rest of the MITX FLG are excited to announce the release of the most recent episode of Market Edge with Larry Weber (@theLarryWeber). Weber is a globally known expert in PR and marketing, founder, Chairman and CEO of Racepoint Global, and a bestselling author whose perspectives on integrated communications and technology help brand marketers gain insight into the opportunities and challenges they face in today’s marketplace.

This episode, Millenials and the Future of Marketing in 2015 – Part 1, is an hour long special featuring MITX FLG members and our opinions on marketing to millennials in today’s digital age. You can check out Larry Weber’s Market Edge podcast featuring MITX FLG here.

We discuss a number of topics including:

  • How much longer will Facebook be around?
  • Privacy and data
  • Our opinions on commercials
  • What is the value of marketing automation?
  • Our thoughts on our favorite form of entertainment

Why is this important for us as marketers to listen to? In the opening of this podcast, Larry mentions a recent comScore report, saying, “… everyone, marketers, brands included, seems to be obsessed with Millennials lately … they say you are a complex bunch to understand but you can’t be ignored for one simple reason, you are becoming the largest demographic in the country over the next 36 months … and you are also digitally native.”

MITX FLG wants to give a big thank you to Larry Weber. We are incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to be featured on Market Edge, and greatly enjoyed the conversation. I hope you find this episode as interesting as we did!

Please feel free to share any feedback and/or thoughts you have on this blog post – and on the podcast – on the websites linked in this post or on Twitter (@TheHannahWeber).

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