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Moving Away From What’s Expected

If I’m feeling extra productive on a Sunday, I’ll make a grocery list, head to my local Whole Foods, and prep my meals for the week – which typically do not consist of much variation. While this system works, it often leaves me with a rather boring taste in my mouth. This routine made me wonder which brands out there might be at risk for leaving their consumers with a similarly uninspiring taste.

In this day and age, thinking outside the box (and outside of your industry) is more important than ever. This week, take a look at some creative business ventures that exemplify successfully bursting out of comfort zones and moving away from what’s expected.

Move over cat cafes, this dog cafe is all kinds of cute, Mashable

Aside from being the place where I may meet my future dog-loving soul mate, “The Dog Café LA” is twist on typical dog shelters which aims to decrease the number of euthanized dogs in the area. The first of its kind in the U.S., the café offers $10 reservations where you can sip coffee, play with the dogs, and adopt a furry friend once you’ve downed your latte. The shop also offers apparel, dog accessories, and ground coffee to help cover costs. The Dog Café LA is hoping to expand their business to other cities nationwide in the future. How about Boston?

Brands Are Reaching Out to Millennials Who Want a Break From ‘Adulting’, AdWeek

Think coloring books are just something left behind in those childhood glory days? Think again. Adult coloring books are just one of the ways that brands are acting on the “adulting” phase of millennials lives. In this article, you’ll see how the brand Timberland leveraged the coloring book trend for a recent ad campaign that ran in Marie Claire magazine this past March.

Want to Rent Van Gogh’s ‘Bedroom’?AdAge

The Art Institute of Chicago is a perfect example of successfully moving away from what’s expected. By partnering up with Airbnb on a creative campaign for their recent Vincent Van Gogh exhibit, the Art Institute was able to surpass anticipated opening day attendance by 70%, gain thousands of social media followers, and capture $6 million in earned media impressions.

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