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Need Engaging Digital Healthcare Content? Co-Create It

When I was first diagnosed, I wish I had known then what I know now.

Good, trustworthy information on the web is so hard to find.

We hear statements like these a lot in our communities – patients expressing their desire for digital content that meets their needs.

Fortunately, industry is listening. And investing. Pharmageddon is over (at least for now), and healthcare marketers have returned to spending money on “the biggest driver of growth in health budgets – demand for digital content and services, from marketer-owned publishing platforms to digital video and targeted digital-media buying.”

In our Communispace Health communities, patients and physicians alike say time and time again that they want to engage in an honest dialogue with healthcare marketers. What’s more, they trust industry to deliver accurate, impactful content thanks to rigorous regulatory oversight. But creating and managing the right content for the right audience can be challenging, especially in healthcare. As noted in a recent article originally published in Marketing Health Services: “Social media and content marketing are perhaps the biggest time wasters for marketers: most simply don’t have the time or staff for a strategic engagement process.”

So, what’s a marketer to do?

Co-create it. Communities can help close the gap, by enabling co-creation of compelling content with all your stakeholders – be they patients, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, or anyone else who strongly influences or uses your products. Involve them in the creation process. Bring their voices and perspectives to the table. You’ll be amazed at how your content’s visuals and messaging resonate in a compelling and authentic way that ensures you are meeting an unmet market need.

The most willing group to co-create with you? Millennials. These hyper-connected “digital natives” share the common goal with brands of “just wanting to be heard” (to learn more about Millennials and their impact on reshaping health and wellness, download our latest report, Healthcare without Borders, here). But other stakeholders are just as eager to help you as Millennials … if you can access them and build strong relationships with them. For example, in one of our longstanding communities of caregivers of loved ones living with schizophrenia, caregivers’ insights informed the development of marketing and educational materials, such as the co-creation of a medication starter kit that helps schizophrenic patients initiate and adhere to treatment. As these relationships evolved over time – in a private, moderated, and supportive environment – a new email support program was developed, as well as a comprehensive website providing a multitude of services including information on local doctors and hospitals, advocacy organizations, and resources for respite care.

Meaningful content has to resonate with the end user. What better way to ensure that happens than to incorporate their insights by engaging them in the creation of your marketing and educational assets from the beginning?

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