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New Promise Communispace Client Event Series: The Sofa Sessions

We’re very pleased to unveil a series of exclusive events for our clients in 2013. The Sofa Sessions, launching April 30th in London by Europe Managing Director, Sally O’Rourke, will be tailored for and by its guests. Each session will bring together a very small group of senior executives from three leading brands to discuss similar challenges they all face and collaborate in a unique way to work through possible solutions.

Sally carefully matches the challenges and expertise of each guest, to make for a truly valuable and collaborative experience; guests are encouraged to share their experience and insights openly in a private setting.

In the first session, we’ll touch upon several issues, such as:

  • Improving customer loyalty: Discussing the most impactful way to influence customers to be faithful to a brand; for consumers to have confidence in spending their money, whether it is for one product or service or across a whole range.
  • Successfully repositioning a global brand: We’ll touch on the necessary steps, important issues and challenges when contemplating repositioning; branding must be consistent, logical and impactful, as well as being applicable in differing markets.
  • Driving repeat purchase behavior: Deliberating the essential ways to ensure your customers keep coming back time and time again; in a market that is saturated by choice, how do you guarantee the consumer chooses you?

These are obviously just a few of the themes we’ll cover in what we expect to be a wide-ranging discussion. With such a rich network of inspiring clients and contacts, and with a multitude of daily challenges, we’re confident The Sofa Sessions will be very rewarding and worthwhile occasions.

Sofa Sessions will be run every two months; to find out more, please contact Nicole at nholloway@cspace.com.

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