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Nike, I thought you knew me

Historically, I’ve been a fan of Nike. Since taking up running, I’ve practically lived in their mesh shorts (at least for warm runs). I sport a neon Nike gym bag when I go to spin class or to zumba. Their sneakers make for great cross-trainers, and the new Nike+ SportWatch is on my wish list for my birthday.

But when I came across this recent ad to the left, I had to question my relationship with the brand. Run away from it all? Nike, I thought you knew me.

I picked up running as a positive habit. When I think about running, I think about running TO things, not FROM them. I run to improve myself as a person, and an athlete. I run as a way to support my favorite charities, to find time to think, to enjoy the outdoors, to experience the runner’s high, to challenge myself.  I run towards my goals, and towards the future. This ad—and its premise of using running as an escape—just does NOT connect with me.

In today’s world, the consumer has a lot of choices. If a brand isn’t making the right emotional connections, it leaves room for a competitor to swoop in and steal their loyalty.  That’s what makes my job so important.

Consumers want to connect with their favorite brands, and they’re not shy about offering up their advice on how to do it—especially when they know that someone is listening. Communispace gets that, and no one does a better job at helping clients to deeply understand and connect with their consumers.

So what do you say, Nike—want to check-in with a few hundred runners and learn what “running right” really means?

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